Understand deconditioning during lockdowns with the LifeCurve™

We know that people will have deconditioned over lockdown, due to an inability to get out, and also decreased access to help and services. Teams can use our single partner programme to understand the impact of lockdowns on older adults.

Cost for single team From only £8,641 for 6 months including implementation*
Implementation requirements Simple; limited resources required; fully supported by ADL Account Managers
Outcome measures Realised very quickly with our in-built analysis tool
Key to success Awareness and simple communication of the LifeCurve™ framework

*costs are determined by the size of the population covered by an organisation, as per the latest ONS mid-year population estimates

The single partner programme could also be used by:

  • A rehab team to demonstrate the effectiveness of their interventions using the LifeCurve™
  • An extra-care home to understand how people are ageing
  • A third sector provider to demonstrate the impact of their service