ADL Insight

Using anonymised information gathered as people use our services, we provide insight to organisations on how people in their locality are ageing, what needs they have, the impact of the services, activities and products that people are using and where there might be gaps. Organisations can plan their services and see the impact they and their community assets/third sector partners are having on the local population. The insight also gives an organisation information about the numbers of people that they are helping and how they are performing against other areas.

You can also see up-to-date information on LifeCurve™s completed by people in their area which is synced from the LifeCurve™ app to the LifeCurve™e Pro website (once those people have given permission by connecting with the commissioning organisation). You can also see how those LifeCurve™s vary over time

The individual is in complete control of their data and involvement in healthy ageing research to support future generations.