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You can increase or reduce the size of the text by clicking the up or down buttons on the toolbar at the top of the ADL Smartcare website. The text can be increased by up to 3x its original size.

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Click this button to change to a different typeface. There is a choice between serif, sans-serif and comic sans fonts.

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The ADL Smartcare Limited website has a variety of different themes to choose from including a high-contrast colour scheme. You can also view the website in a text-only format.

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The reading ruler is to assist you with reading the website. The ruler will follow the movements of your mouse cursor, covering the space above and below to make it easier to read one line at a time.

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For blind and visually impaired users we recommend NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access), a free "screen reader" application which reads the text on the screen in a computerised voice. This tool can be used on a variety of different programmes on your computer - not just your web browser or the Smartcare website.

You can control what is read to you by moving the cursor to the relevant area of text with a mouse or the arrows on your keyboard.

Click on the screen reader icon on the tool bar for more information and a link to download the programme on to your computer.

ADL Smartcare Limited

Ageing. Redefined.

Be part of a revolution in ageing with our trusted services and advice.

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We are trailblazers in the provision of evidence-based data, research, knowledge and intelligence on age-related decline. We are shaping the future of care.

ADL Smartcare's Healthy Ageing Community.

Regain lost abilities with reactivation

Connect with community assets

Address loneliness

Fast track assessments

Guided self-management

Getting the right equipment

Promote active ageing

Introducing two individuals from the healthy ageing community


Healthy Ageing education for now

Frank has noticed that walking to the shops is beginning to become a challenge. It is making him anxious about how much he will be able to do as he gets older. Frank was also struggling to hold normal cutlery so was worrying when eating out with his friends. Frank gradually stopped going out to his regular lunches.

Healthy Ageing education for the future

Amy knew her grandfather was worrying about his independence, so she introduced Frank to the healthy ageing digital service she had seen advertised in her local GP practice. Amy had used the service herself to understand how she can keep an active and healthy lifestyle and support Frank in doing similar.

Frank finds out how he is ageing with the LifeCurve™

In minutes, Frank can understand his levels of independence and the necessary exercises to regain the confidence to go shopping for Healthy Ageing.

The LifeCurve™ helps Frank understand how he is ageing. Our other services provide the personalised advice and insight to make a difference to Frank's ageing and well being.

Download the latest research behind the LifeCurve - Visit the Age and Ageing website to download the paper.


Module 1: ADL Platform with the ADL LifeCurve™

Module 1 provides a HADS partner organisation with two secure dedicated copies of the ADL Platform with the LifeCurve™ integrated for measuring an individual's ageing journey. These versions are delivered via a website (PC, tablet or mobile phone) and include a version for the general public to use and a version for staff to use.

Frank creates a secure account and completes his LifeCurve™ in a few minutes. The LifeCurve™ positions Frank and provides him with specific LifeCurve™ Tasks such as active ageing exercises and signposting to relevant community assets.

Frank saves LifeCurve™ Tasks to his plan for completing on a regular basis and begins one of the additional guided self-management assessments around holding cutlery.

HAVA - Healthy Ageing Virtual Assistant

HAVA supports Frank in finding the specific advice and solutions to aid his independence such as holding cutlery again.

Quick and easy-to-use 24/7 access to self-management for citizens such as Frank (and without Local Authority involvement). Frank is able to eat out with his friends once again, by taking his own cutlery recommended by HAVA. Over the last 16 years, ADL Smartcare has built a reputation as an unbiased and independent provider of specific advice e.g. we are not tied to any equipment provider.


HADS Module 2: Citizen – Healthy Ageing Virtual Assistant

Frank completes the guided self-management assessment around holding cutlery with the support of the Healthy Ageing Virtual Assistant (HAVA). HAVA provides a friendly, familiar and easy to use communication interface and supports Frank as he answers the questions. He is matched to personalised outcomes such as suitable cutlery and then saves the equipment chosen for a future purchase, which can be made either in the marketplace or offline at a local retailer/dealer.

HAVA uses the knowledge collected over 16 years of working with independent experts and professionals across the UK and internationally. HAVA's brain has 150+ areas of need and matches trillions of scenarios to an individual’s needs resulting in personalised advice. No other service can provide as much content and knowledge as HAVA. HAVA’s knowledge is developed every day with new modules such as mental health, veterans, carers and blue badge.

Over 200,000 personalised recommendations,
using over 6,000 years of professional/expert knowledge.

We have spent thousands of hours with 300+ independent professionals and experts to create a unique knowledgebase of personalised advice


16 years of Knowledge available and growing

Frank not only regained the confidence to go shopping through completing strength exercises but is regularly eating out with friends with the new cutlery he takes with him.

HAVA’s brain is complete with knowledge collected over the last 16 years from independent experts and professionals. We work with our partner organisations who have their own HADS, to continuously add new knowledge to support local working practices and pathways.

LifeCurve™ and HAVA provide individuals such as Frank a unique resource to find out how they are ageing and the specific advice to impact age related decline, independence and general well-being.

Further help when Frank needs it

When the time is right, Frank can be signposted by the LifeCurve™ or HAVA to a staff faciliated assessment run by the Local Authority. Frank is fully supported as he moves across the LifeCurve™ with personalised advice and care. The Local Authority partner is aware of Frank’s needs and the needs of others like him who are using the service.

Managing Demand and reducing waiting lists with a best practice assessment


Module 3: Staff – Healthy Ageing Virtual Assistant

Frank has been using the LifeCurve™ with personalised advice to maximise his healthy ageing. After 5 years of specific prevention, Frank is signposted into a Fast Track assessment at the Local Authority as he is starting to have difficulty bathing himself.

Frank is invited to a fast track assessment at the local Independent Living Centre, where the staff member takes Frank through a HAVA best practice assessment within a separate staff version of HADS. Frank is matched to a bathboard and a grab bar and the staff member orders the equipment from stores for delivery to Frank the next day.

Frank is fully supported as he moves across the LifeCurve™ with personalised advice and care. The Local Authority partner is aware of Frank’s needs and the needs of others like him who are using the service. Both Frank and the Local Authority can make significant savings through this Healthy Ageing approach and more importantly, Frank will be happier and independent for longer in his own home.

Powerful insight into ageing and well-being for individuals such as Frank, and any organisations with whom he shares data

By combining open data with ADL Smartcare's unique insight,
we can build understanding of a local population's ageing.

Organisations can add their own local information mapped to
the LifeCurve™ for service redesign, evaluation and signposting to community assets based on evidence.


HADS Module 4: ADL Insight – LifeCurve™ Localisation / Healthy Ageing Monitoring

Module 4 extends a partner organisation’s ability from being able to view individual LifeCurves™, to being able to see LifeCurves™ at a population level for the area covered by the service (LifeCurves™ are only available to view if the individual has given permission). A partner with their own HADS and module 4, can customise the LifeCurve™ Tasks at specific points on the local population’s ageing journey. A partner organisation can understand where their local population is on the LifeCurve™ and what local services should be targeted where on the LifeCurve™ to support active and healthy ageing.

The individual is in complete control of their data and involvement in healthy ageing research to support future generations.

ADL Smartcare's Healthy Ageing Digital Service (HADS)

The 4 modules make up the complete digital service complete with knowledge to impact ageing, independence and well being.

Managing demand and proactive Prevention

  • HADS is scalable to an organisation's needs
  • Quick and easy-to-use 24/7 access to self-help for citizens
  • Professional quality advice without service involvement
  • Supports a culture of self-management
  • Provides access to latest research around age-related decline
  • Provides mapping to help triage individuals into relevant services
  • Benchmarks and measures impact of early intervention and prevention
  • Identifies areas where local services might need improving
  • Helps citizens/public service to minimise long-term care costs
  • Flexible to cope with varying levels of demand

You can purchase our services through the Crown Commercial G-Cloud 11 Framework:

The only Healthy Ageing Digital Service on the Digital Marketplace

The impact of the Healthy Ageing Digital Service in North Lanarkshire

About ADL Smartcare

We are trailblazers in the provision of evidence-based data, research, knowledge and intelligence on age-related decline. Our professional team works to embed professional knowledge and decisions around independence-promoting interventions to help transform the lives of older adults. Using this approach we can reduce the cost of care for them, their families and local authorities. We are shaping the future of care.

We are a privately owned company that has social responsibility at its core and a passion to improve peoples lives.

The Team redefining ageing

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