Case Studies: North Lanarkshire Council's Making Life Easier Case Study

North Lanarkshire Council's Making Life Easier Case Study

  • Improved health and care in communities and relationships with third sector.
  • Designed around outcomes and people.
  • Personalised solutions using 18 years of professional independent knowledge.
  • Self-management and directing to the right resources whilst anticipating needs.
  • Better use of services. Right time, right place, right person.

Case Studies: Eclipse Homecare Case Study

Eclipse Homecare Case Study

  • Clients who took part in the study had their LifeCurves™ taken before receiving care and then during the care provided.
  • Care workers encouraged clients to carry out simple exercises based on their LifeCurve™ position.
  • All clients in the study regained independence and care requirements were reduced in as little as six weeks.
  • Care workers and individuals were empowered by the process.
  • Eclipse Homecare is now rated Outstanding by CQC in the areas it is using ADL Smartcare services.
  • This is a scalable service available for care providers, with evidence-based results.

Case Studies: The Impact of Long-Term Prevention

The Impact of Long-Term Prevention

Early evidence from a Local Authority partner who has used ADL Smartcare's healthy ageing digital service in their area for a number of years.

With online 24/7 supported self-management, collaboration across the NHS and Social Care and insight provided by ADL Smartcare the median stay in residential care was reduced.

In addition, individuals have better ageing journeys and care givers and carers feel empowered in their roles.