The LifeCurve™ - an evidence-based measurement framework for Insight into ageing

The LifeCurve™

What is the LifeCurve™?

The ADL LifeCurve™ is based on the concept of the Compression of Functional Decline (CFD), developed by Prof. Peter Gore and colleagues at Newcastle University, and additional research, carried out by ADL Smartcare’s dedicated research department in Newcastle.

Research has shown that people lose the ability to complete activities of daily living (ADLs) in a particular order. By using these 15 ADLs, combined with 4 fitness and strength markers, a person can position themselves on the LifeCurve™ to see how they are ageing. Once we know where a person is on their ageing journey, we can map them to activities, services and products that will help them either maintain, or even recover, their current abilities.

Please contact ADL Smartcare at if you would like a link to the published academic paper on CFD.

LifeCurve™ Partners - organisations who want to use the LifeCurve™ to measure ageing and share content

LifeCurve™ Partners

What are LifeCurve™ Partners?

LifeCurve™ partners can be any organisation that works with a lead commissioning organisation to provide interventions for citizens in their area. These could be GPs, Primary Care Networks, third sector organisations, or even a provider with a single offering e.g. someone who delivers strength and balance classes for older people.

Each commissioning organisation can add up to ten additional LifeCurve™ partners as part of the base package. Addition of further LifeCurve™ partners can be quoted for on request.