ADL Smartcare Ltd is launching in New Zealand
Press Release 30th March 2021

ADL Smartcare is delighted to announce that it is launching its first international service in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. We are working with the Bay of Plenty District Health Board to empower older people to manage their own ageing journey and stay active, so they can live independently and with dignity in their own homes and communities for as long as possible.

Residents in the Bay of Plenty will be able to complete the ADL LifeCurve™, which is an easy to understand evidence based framework that allows individuals to see how they are ageing, and access advice so they can maintain or improve their abilities. The next phase will be to embed expert advice for over 350 areas of need, such as memory, personal care and getting around both inside and outside the home.

As an SME based in Sheffield, we are proud that over the last year, we have worked with our existing customers to utilise their Healthy Ageing digital services to support their residents during the pandemic, as well as exporting the LifeCurve™ internationally, all whilst adjusting to remote/home working.

We have worked across different time zones with multiple suppliers and partners to migrate and customise our unique digital service for hosting on New Zealand infrastructure and ensured compliance with New Zealand Privacy laws.

ADL Smartcare works with its partners to empower people, through knowledge, to live better for longer. Our services are underpinned by the latest expert knowledge and academic research, gathered from experts and professionals over the last 19 years. We embed this advice in easy to use websites and an App.

We partner with health and social care organisations, businesses and care providers to deliver our expert knowledge where it is needed. Improving people’s independence improves quality of life for them and their families, and it also delivers both short and long-term savings in care costs. The information we gather through our services provides insight into ageing for our partners.

To find out more please visit, email or call 0114 286 6222