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You can increase or reduce the size of the text by clicking the up or down buttons on the toolbar at the top of the ADL Smartcare website. The text can be increased by up to 3x its original size.

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Click this button to change to a different typeface. There is a choice between serif, sans-serif and comic sans fonts.

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The ADL Smartcare Limited website has a variety of different themes to choose from including a high-contrast colour scheme. You can also view the website in a text-only format.

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The reading ruler is to assist you with reading the website. The ruler will follow the movements of your mouse cursor, covering the space above and below to make it easier to read one line at a time.

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For blind and visually impaired users we recommend NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access), a free "screen reader" application which reads the text on the screen in a computerised voice. This tool can be used on a variety of different programmes on your computer - not just your web browser or the Smartcare website.

You can control what is read to you by moving the cursor to the relevant area of text with a mouse or the arrows on your keyboard.

Click on the screen reader icon on the tool bar for more information and a link to download the programme on to your computer.

About ADL Smartcare

We are trailblazers in the provision of evidence-based data, research, knowledge and intelligence on age-related decline. Our professional team works to embed professional knowledge and decisions around independence-promoting interventions to help transform the lives of older adults. Using this approach we can reduce the cost of care for them, their families and local authorities. We like to think we are shaping the future of care

Our Mission

Here at ADL Smartcare, we are committed to transforming the lives of the ageing population and enabling key service providers to improve their offers.

We know it is extremely important to understand the process of ageing in order to create better ageing journeys for older adults. ADL Smartcare has studied age-related functional decline using powerful insight from data, research, knowledge and intelligence, combined with studies with some of the world's leading academic institutes.

Our insight is focused on health, wellbeing and independence. Evidence shows that the recognised pattern of age-related decline can be slowed down by the use of our services.

We reduce the costs of care for individuals, families, local authorities, and health partners.

We support product designers & manufacturers to engineer better products, and we inform service designers to create better experiences for the ageing population.

Affiliations and Partners

Newcastle University Institute For Ageing logo

NUIA is Newcastle University's Institute for Ageing, where researchers take a global approach to the multi-faceted issue of our ageing population. NUIA aim to translate internationally renowned research into the biological, medical and psychosocial determinants of healthy ageing across the life course into interventions that extend healthy lifespan and support active ageing.

Advisory Group

We are committed to broadening our understanding of ageing by forming partnerships with experts from across the industry. Welcoming research and input from all over the globe, our advisory group includes top specialists in the field who decide which information we can use to further our development in all areas of ageing.

Based in Newcastle and Sheffield


Years in business

Clinic Software as a Service

since 2002

Self-Help Software as a Service

since 2006


started assessments

Over 5,000 unique solutions


active areas of need

Executive Team

Prof. Peter Gore CEO, Managing Director and co-founder

Peter Gore

An Engineering Masters graduate from Loughborough, Peter's early career was in hospital medical equipment of various types, culminating in the role of Director of R&D and Quality for a division of BOC Healthcare in the US. Returning to the UK, he then focused for a number of years on working with Universities and the EC to evaluate and monitor research projects and translate those into practice focused on ageing and independence.

In 2002 he founded ADL Smartcare to develop an expert system to make personalised guidance scalable and accessible to people regardless of their level of need. In 2007 he was recruited part time by Newcastle University as a Professor of Practice in ageing, focused on the translation of research into practice, and has co-created the Healthy Life Sim community interest company, and co-developed a framework for understanding how people functionally decline with age and how that can be modified through products, services and activities.

Robert M Dunigan

Robert M Dunigan

Finance Director

Srah Gore

Sarah Gore

Chief Knowledge Officer and co-founder

Prof. Garth Johnson

Prof. Garth Johnson

Chief Research Officer

Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer